Braille Bait is Massie's bold and saucy nickname given to a female classmate with an extreme case of acne, in the overflow trailers in Bratfest at Tiffany's. Massie considers Braille Bait to be a LBR. Braille Bait is called this by Massie because of a flawed outward trait. Massie describes her as "Overly rosy complexion covered in millions of tiny bumps." Braille is for the bumps and bait is used due to her complexion.

Braille Bait's Makeover Edit

Massie decides to give the LBRs in the overflow trailers a makeover. Massie has Jakkob give Braille Bait bangs to cover her forehead bumps. Simone gives Braille Bait non-comodegenic concealer, foundation, blush, and mascara. She also has Kristen as her style representative from the NPC. Massie also gives her the advice to smile and not to wear any red or purple clothes. She recommends pastels, empire shirts, and skinny jeans, paired with ballet flats to "hide that roll of fat that hangs over [her] leggings."