Eccentric billionaire Shira Brazille founded the super-exclusive Alpha Academy on exotic @-shaped Alpha Island to nuture the next generation of exceptional dancers, writers, musicians, actors, and inventors, It's a dream come true for one hundred lucky girls, but those not measuring up can be sent home at any time, for any reason. The one left standing will have worldwide fame.


Skye Hamilton, Dancer

Allie A. Abbott, Actress (previously undeclared and writer)

Charlie Deery, Inventor

Darwin Brazille

Taz Brazille

Melbourne Brazille

Sydney Brazille

Dingo Brazille

Andrea AKA Triple Threat

Allie J. Abbott

A junior Wimbledon winner / inventor

A Bollywood film star / cell phone novelist

Renee Foraday

Sadie Shmolholtz



Lacey / Tweety Bird


Yara Negron



Becca Nash


Kutya Slavin

Yvette Chan

Lydia Bjorgstrum

Olivia Dufrenidis

Singh Rootlieb, Inventing Major

Sayleene Davenport, Inventing Major

Jeanette Hollis

Shelly Yip

Britney Saperstein

Nuala Lapore

Sunita Sanchez

Celia De La Cruz

Gabriella Santz, architect


Seraphina Hernandez-Rosenblatt

Shoshana Shanti-Smith

Spinnah Fraye

Dakota LeMercier

Yuki Asukawa

Anastasia Vallessi

Willow Dawn

Martha Muvaney

Chavez Moreno

Louise Holtstopper

Mayday McGrath

Ariella von Slivovitz, cake decorator

Ingrid Santana, marine biologist whoes remix of whale songs won a Grammy

Maxine Montrose, photographer

Olivia Dufrenidis, Greek heiress who founded popular political blog

Sunita Sanchez, actress

Teachers Edit

Mimi, Hone It for Dancers

Keifer Lutz, Creative Writing

Eunice Vanderlawn, Art of Execellence

Dr. Irina Gorbachevsky, Inventor

Tran, Meditation

Careen, Acting


200 miles from San Francisco

100 miles to LA

100 miles to Las Vegas

Alpha Ocean, The Mojave Desert, Southeastern California


Alpha Jetway + PAP Runway

Bubble Train / Bubble Train Depot / Alpha Island Railway

Joshua trees

Pink sand beach


Zen Center / Buddha Buliding

- Meditation Pool

- Meditation Hall

Music Hall

Times Square

The Pavillion

- Ambrosia Banquet Hall

- Health food court

- Elixir Smoothie Bar

- Shops

- Lounges

- Spa

- Salon

- Half-Moon Theater

- Great Lawn

Art Center

Vertical Farm (and tunnels)

20 Residences

- Jackie O (Skye, Charlie, Allie A, Allie J, Triple, Renee)

- Oprah (Celia De La Cruz)

- Hillary Clinton

- Beyoncé (Blair B.)

- Mother Theresa

- Virginia Woolf (Singh Rootlieb)

- Angelina Jolie (Ophelia)

- Michelle Obama

- Meg Whitman

- Joan of Ark

- J. K. Rowling (Tweety and Shoshana Shanti-Smith)

- Tyra Banks (Sayleene Davenport)

- Chanel

- Serena / Venus

- Queen Elizabeth (Spinnah Fraye)

- Martha Stewart

Ark-shaped Zoo

Elizabeth I Lecture Hall

The Fuselage, Jungle, North Shore

Narcissus Day Spa, North Shore


Delphi Observatory

Dance Studio, Theater of Dionysus, Center for the Arts

Shira's Office and waiting room

Eros Sculpture Garden, Aphrodite Beach

Brazille Mansion

The Acropolis

Melinda Gates Computer Lab

Stone Bench, The Thinker's Grotto (at the end of a gravel walkway, in the center of a grove of poplars between the Pavilion and the dorms)

Marie Curie Inventor's Lab, Science Complex

Newton's Apple Orchid

Golda Meir Globe

Achilles Track, Health and Wellness Complex

Panacea Suite, Alpha Infirmary, Health and Wellness Complex

Mount Olympus

Performing Arts Complex

Lake Alpha