Allie A. Abbott

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Allie A. Abbott
14 1/2
Honey blonde (natural) or bluish black (as Allie J.)
Navy blue (natural) or moss green (as Allie J.)
Acting, shopping, modeling

Allie A. Abbott was just a normal catalog mall model who worshipped pop culture and boy bands, until she got Allie J. Abbott's letter from Alpha Academy. Deciding to pose as Allie J., she whisks herself off to a whole new world in an attempt to reconnect and reheal herself after a hard break-up when her ex-best friend Trina stole her ex-boyfriend Fletcher.

Allie A is from Santa Ana, California. She knows anything and everything about mall culture: "she can apply make up like a painter," knows her celeb stats and can write anything in bubble letters.

Allie A's scent of choice is Clinique Happy. Allie also prefers aeromatic music, and enjoys watching rom-coms. Allie's habits include checking her hair for split ends and using Purell Hand Sanitizer when she is nervous. She is fourteen and a half. 

Allie is described as having a poreless face, rosebud lips, "a ski slope nose so perfect a girl two towns over requested it for her birthday," and a sandy-blonde mane that she loves.

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